Credit: BLAST Premier

The first big online event of the year, Funsparks ULTI Finals, sees several big teams compete for $250.000 as they warm up their engines for IEM Katowice.

Ecstatic eliminate Complexity

NA’s new hope didn’t have the most enjoyable of debuts, as Complexity has been eliminated by Ecstatic in the first round of the lower bracket of Funsparks ULTI Finals. The Danish team won in a comfortable 2-0 fashion.

birdfromsky and his men will face the loser of BIG-K23 next up. Complexity leaves the tournament empty-handed, but considering it was the first outing for the roster and the fact that JT had to play from the Dallas offices, they can keep their head high.

Astralis send Fnatic packing

In what could be seen as a surprising matchup in the lower bracket, Astralis has eliminated Fnaticfollowing a close three-map series. Both teams ended up in the elimination game after being invited to the event. Fnatic didn’t manage to continue their impressive online form from late last year. The Swedish-British lineup now has just under a month to draw conclusions from this result, as they are set to play in the play-in stage in Katowice.

Astralis will face CIS opposition next, as the loser of the Gambit-Entropiq match will join them in the lower bracket.

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