Credit: PGL

Funspark ULTI Day 5 results

The first big online event of the year, Funsparks ULTI Finals, sees several big teams compete for $250.000 as they warm up their engines for IEM Katowice.

Ecstatic continue underdog run

Considered one of the lowest-ranked teams coming into the event, Ecstatic continued to impress in their K23 matchup. The Danish majority roster won in 2-0 fashion, following a close map on Ancient and a convincing win on Inferno, 16-14 and 16-6.

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dbhvsbhvdskh Ecstatic dropped down to the lower bracket in the opening round, but have since bounced back with victories against Complexity and now K23. They will face Entropiq next for a spot in the Consolidation final.

Entropiq stun Astralis

In what will undoubtedly go down as one of the most exciting series of the event, Entropiq has eliminated Astralis in the lower bracket semifinal. The third map, Overpass, saw surprisingly dominance on both teams' T-side, unlike the recent meta of CT dominance on the map. 

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AWPer El1an had an especially impressive performance, dropping 37 kills to secure a 16-13 win.

Entropiq will face Ecstatic in a rematch from the opening round for a spot in the consolidation final next.