From saints to sinners; 100T smash Cloud9 3-0

There's something poetic about Cloud9 losing with Renekton in playoffs after getting rid of LS.

It was billed as a potentially close series - but Cloud9's end of split capitulation continued into playoffs as they got bodied in three.

Draft gap, top gap, jungle gap

Last year's MVP jungler took the potential awarding of his trophy to Blaber and Summit personally.

Closer absolutely demolished Cloud9 in game one, and especially Summit. He ganked the Renekton multiple times and transferred his lead all over the map. 

Funnily enough, if you're Renekton and you die early vs Ornn, you're not going to be all that useful. Summit ended up 0-7-0 after getting chain-ganked, and Blaber was a complete non-factor in game one.

The second-best jungler on the rift tonight.

Game two, guess which top laner picked Renekton and went 1-6-1?

Once more Cloud9 allowed the Ornn counter-pick and despite Berzerker and Blaber's best efforts, 100 Thieves won a crucial late teamfight - immediately after losing one. 

Renekton was, once more, a complete non-factor, as the Ornn eventually became a massive threat. Go figure.

While the first two games were a case of top diff, the final game was a complete takeover from the 100T botlane.

Bored of the passive ADCs, FBI locked in Lucian with a Nami support and smurfed all over the game. Closer, once more allowed his terrifying Lee Sin, was all over the map.

Whatever has happened to Cloud9 in the last few weeks hit them once more; and they look a shadow of the team who was smashing everybody in the regular split.

100 Thieves, on the other hand, look back to their meticulous best - and Closer is back in MVP form.