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French president is a gamer

French President to meet TI Champion Ceb

French President, Emmanuel Macron, is set to meet TI Champion, Ceb, at the Presidential Palace; Élysée Palace.
The Président de la République française is scheduled to meet the TI champ later today at 16:00 CET.
Hailing from France, Ceb has built a storied career in the realm of Dota; as a player, coach, broadcast analyst, and as a team owner.

Ceb won consecutive TI’s — Dota 2’s crown jewel event — alongside Notail, Topson, Jerax and Ana, thus etching his name forever in the history books.
He’s also the only French player to boast such accolades to his name.


After taking a step back from competitive gaming due to an eye injury, Ceb made a return albeit a temporary one.

Standing in for OG’s new captain, Misha, the gritty Frenchman guided the youngsters in OG to their first Major victory at ESL One Stockholm Major 2022.

Ceb’s meeting with the French President has been arranged in honour of the former’s achievements in ‘jeu video de competition’.

To the uninitiated, the French recently ‘toasted’ words related to gaming such as ‘esports’, ‘streamers’ and other English gaming words.

Isn’t that something eh? Courtesy of France’s linguistic watchdog.

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