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France doing France things: ban all English “gaming words”

The government of France has officially banned the use of English gaming words, in an effort to “preserve the purity of the language,” as reported by The Guardian.

That’s right, there are now French words for “streamer,” “pro gamer,” “esports,” “cloud gaming,” and more.

“Streamer” will now be “joueur-animateur en direct,” and “esports” will now be “jeu video de competition.”

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Is this the most French move of all time or is this the most French move of all time?

To be fair, French is already the most self-important language in the world.

They don’t want to bastardize their tongue with our anglo trash words.

I just wish this happened before the r/place war. We could have had some fun with the memes.


Obviously, this doesn’t mean that French police will come to kick-in your door for saying “streamer” in France.

The ban is only binding to government officials, and is part of a larger effort to make “Anglicized tech words” more palatable to the delicate French ears.

This all begs the question: how much are governement officials talking about esports and gaming? 

This is low-key a win in the bigger picture, as funny as it is to see on your news feed.

PS: When I first saw “gamer words” I thought….. something else….

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