Four takeaways from LCS week six

One more week has passed us, and four more talking points have emerged. 

Bwipo is enjoying himself way too much

Don’t get me wrong, I love the wide boy. 

But it’s getting out of hand, now. His counter-picks are about the only interesting thing about the drafts every week now that LS has been ripped away from us, but Lucian in solo lanes hasn’t been good for a while, and his Jax was… kinda ugly.

Though Jax is a great pick into Tryndamere in general, Frozen Heart + Jax Ult made Santorin’s Trundle an absolute fiend to deal with and turned the bruiser into paper. Vayne was being hovered beforehand, which was probably a better pick in the game – but that would mean Bwipo was playing Vayne. 

Would you want to see that? As a neutral I would, but if I were a TL fan…

Not Jaxon, JAX.  This guy would have 1v9’d.

Luger is a diamond in the rough

Or perhaps, a Challenger in the Diamonds. 

The Turkish ADC has been clearly CLG’s most impactful player, but he’s shown especially this week that he can actually be a real carry threat for this team. Though Contractz tried to int away CLG’s lead in their second game, Luger stayed reliable and resilient to once more keep CLG ahead and in control.

He has looked far and away CLG’s best player in a team where the other four are at best unremarkable, and genuinely looks like one of the best ADCs in the league.

His support looks okay but nothing more, Contractz is at best hot and cold, Palafox is generally invisible and Jenkins is…

My mother always says if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Well, Keaiduo wasn’t *the* problem

Or if he was, Takeover wasn’t the solution.

The young midlaner got hooked and killed before the first minion wave in TSM’s second game as everyone’s favourite team went 0-2 for the week. 


But it’s not just him, which is what makes this capitulation so baffling, disappointing and downright hilarious. Spica is wasting time not farming and not ganking on Lee Sin, Tactical is walking up to a tower knowing he’s getting dove and Shenyi is erm. He’s present. Mostly.

At least it was Inspired and Danny they made look really good, and not Blue or something.

100Thieves are fine… as long as they draft donkey aggression

100T are a pretty decent team, but it’s really showing how limited NA was when they won the whole league.

They’re exceptionally one-dimensional and uninteresting, but as long as they stick to their one dimension they will always be better than most of the teams in the league, by virtue of having better teamfighters.

But their macro is completely non-existent, and this was shown expertly by Shakarez – even if this was later changed to twice in 11 minutes.

You can guess every single pick of 100T’s draft every single week, but nobody in NA seemed at all interested in countering it for the last few splits. Now at least the decent teams are ripping them apart – but it’ll be a while before Golden Guardians can do much about it.