Fortnite X Wu-Tang: the most disappointing collab so far

Maybe I was expecting too much, but this is a huge disappointment.

When leakers announced that Fortnite was bringing Wu-Tang Clan skins to Fortnite, I thought we'd be running around as ODB and Method Man.

In retrospect, with the overwhelming number of Wu-Tang members and affiliates, this was probably too much to expect.

Still, these skins are as basic as they come. Two character models wearing branded clothing and dropping the Wu-Tang salute? Is that the best you can do?

I'll probably cop the back bling and and emote, but I was ready to drop thousands of V-Bucks on this one.

Sad. You hate to see it.

Hopefully, we get a good song or two for the Icon Series emotes - but it will probably just be Cream.