Fortnite kawspeely skin
Credit: Epic Games

KAWS returns!

Fortnite X KAWS collaboration continues with new KAWSPEELY skin

  • KAWS X Fortnite is doing another run of skins.
  • The KAWSPEELY bundle features a new Peely skin, back bling, glider, and weapon wrap.
  • You can grab your cosmetics when the Item Shop resets on July 2.

Epic Games continue to hammer the crossover button, this time returning to the KAWS collaboration for a new KAWSPEELY skin variant.

Apart from Jonesy, Peely is the most widely recognized Fortnite character and has some of the widest array of unique skins associated with him.

Fortnite X KAWS was successful the first time around, and they’re adding to the locker bundle with new cosmetics.

Fortnite X KAWS KAWSPEELY bundle

The new KAWSPEELY bundle will feature a unique Peely skin along with a new KAWS-themed back bling, wrap, and glider.

The release date is currently set as June 2. We’ll see it on that date when the Item Shop resets at 8 PM EST.

The original KAWS pack will almost certainly accompany the new KAWSPEELY skin. You can take a look at the Creative Mode art exhibit and more on the official Fortnite blog post.

Jaxon's Take

I guess I'm a boomer because I still don't know what KAWS is. I know what Peely is though, and I don't need another version of him in my Fortnite locker.

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