Credit: Epic Games

Super Saiyan!

How to get the Fortnite X Dragon Ball skins

  • A Fortnite X Dragon Ball crossover is here
  • The promotion includes a long list of new skins and cosmetics
  • All players have access to the free Dragon Ball challenges – running for the next two weeks

It looks like we have our next major crossover: Fortnite X Dragon Ball.

Epic Games released the new Fortnite X Dragon Ball skins on August 16 in the v21.40 patch.

The first news of such a crossover came in 2021 but never materialized. It looks like they were waiting until now to bring these characters to the game.

Fortnite X Dragon Ball skins

The Fortnite Dragon Ball skins are available in the Item Shop now! They should last about a week before they rotate out of the store.

This is one of the biggest Fortnite crossovers in recent memory, with a long list of cosmetics attached. There are Dragon Ball skins, loading screens, pickaxes, emotes, bundles, back bling – everything you can think of.

We also have some challenges to complete for smaller cosmetic rewards and XP boosts.

Fortnite Dragon Ball skins challenges
Epic Games

You can also choose to buy the Fortnite Dragon Ball skin bundles: Goku & Beerus, Vegeta & Bulma, and “gear.” These bundles knock some V-Bucks off of the total price.

The challenge promotion ends in two weeks, which is how long we can expect the Dragon Ball Fortnite skins to be in the Item Shop.

Get cracking on those challenges!