Fortnite Season 8 adds over 150 new chests to the map

Fortnite Season 8 is less than a week old, but players were relatively disappointed when they saw the "new" map.

The massive destruction hinted in the Season 7 event never really took shape, with all of the named POIs seemingly unchanged.

There were a considerable amount of map changes in unnamed POIs, and it's early enough that the cubes could change other locations over the course of the season.

What players began to realize after a few days of play, however, was the abundance of chests around the map.

The spawn rate is still below 100%, but there are far more chests scattered around the island. According to, Epic added over 150 chests to Season 8.

More loot is always a good thing. Competitive players have already praised Epic for their changes on this front.

Again, it's still early. We could see major map changes coming before the season ends.

For now, we'll have to be happy with the massively increased chest rate compared to Season 7.