The first day of NA-East FNCS is in the books, and it was dominated by a relatively unknown trio: Dukez, Justice, and Userz.

Here’s a complete recap of the day, starting with the final match and working backwards.

First, take a look at the final standings for Day 1.

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Game 6: Avery, Bugha, Nosh

Although Avery, Bugha, and Nosh hadn’t been too active throughout the day, they’ve consistently been placing highly and have picked up a few eliminations along the way.

Game 6 was their chance to take control, with several high-ground competitors out of the during late-game. 

After a massive fight that saw nearly half of the trios attempt to take high-ground, Bugha and company took the position, controlled the rest of the match and took the final win of the day.

Game 5: TabzG, Teyo & Plege

Things settled down a bit in Game 5, but the top fraggers of Dukez and company continued to do work.

Although they were eliminated in the end-game scrum, the trio held on to their massive lead and added to their total elims, hitting 40 on the day with one game left.

The winners of the match, TabzG, Teyo, and Plege, were able to utilize the Chug Cannon to outheal second place.

Speaking of second place, however, it was Cented, Edgey, and Commandment with 11 elims. They might not have gotten their second win of the day, but they’ll undoubtedly be happy with that finish.

Game 4: Cented, Edgey & Commandment

The early-game battles continued in this one, as third-party trios rolled-up on contested drop spots all across the map.

As usual, things slowed down towards the middle zones and chaos ensued when the second Storm Surge started ticking.

When the dust settled, it was Jays, Donieenada, and Kn1phishy on high-ground and Cented, Edgey, and Commandment on the low ground.

You can watch how that worked out:

After four games, Dukez, Justice, and Userz still sat strongly in first.

Nosh, Bugha, and Avery snuck into second on the back on eliminations and consistent placements.

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Game 3: Saf, Stretch & Khanada

Game 3 was the most aggressive match yet – possibly one of the more aggressive matches in modern Fortnite history.

NA is a notoriously conservative region, but teams consistently took fights during the third game.

Dukez, Justice, Userz were in an amazing position going into late-game, with natural high-ground, plenty of mats, and several kills already. Unfortunately, the zone wasn’t in their favor.

Userz and Justice went down, leaving Dukez in one of the longest Storm Surge battles we’ve ever seen.

Although Whofishy’s squad were in a prime position on the low-ground, his teammates fell and left him in the storm to attempt a clutch against Saf and Stretch. 

Unfortunately, the Chug Cannon wasn’t enough for him to make it out after a quick elimination. Saf, Stretch, and Khanada take game 3 and move up in the standings.

Game 2: Dukez, Justice, Userz

Game 2 was a lot more aggressive with rotational fights left and right.

Towards the end-game, we saw a battle between several solo and duo players, as Eclipsae continued to fight for his lost teammates, picking up three kills after they went down.

At the top three, he was outnumbered by Skqttles’ crew and Dukez’s team. He went down, but not before taking out Skqttles, making it a 2v3 for the top two.

Justice, Userz, and Dukez capped-off a huge 14-elimination game with a win.

Game 1: Acorn, Slackes & Jahq

If you watch EU Fortnite, then you’ll notice a different early-game vibe in NA-East.

These teams traditionally opt to split POIs rather than contest the teams that land with them. It’s a shame that we haven’t seen the two metas clash, but that’s a topic for another day.

After the early-game lull and the mid-game chaos, it was Saf, Stretch, and Khanada on the high ground – and area they love to control.

Unlucky for them, Aspect and Whofishy saw an opening to take height and capitalized, flanking the duo and claiming high-ground in a matter of seconds.

Meanwhile, Slackes, Acorn, and Jahq were kitted on low-ground, catching a ton of eliminations along the way.

As a full trio with plenty of healing, the low-ground warriors had enough to outlast Stretch and Khanada and take the win.

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