The Fortnite Season 7 FNCS is here! The top EU teams are taking on Day 1, working to position themselves to win it all.

Here’s a live recap of all of the matches as they happen, with the latest at the top. Enjoy!


Game 6(ish): Tchypss, Artskill & Xper

After nullifying the results of Games 4 and 5, we hopped into Game 6, which was actually the fifth match of the day – confusion.

Nevertheless, we saw Team Aqua take height and look to dominate once again. They were eventually usurped, but it was a low-ground battle that determined the winner.

Ghosty and his team, who won a Reboot Round match to make it to Grand Finals, looked to close out the day with a win. Artskill said “no” with a last-second elimination to secure his team the final win of the day.

Game 4: Raifla, SaeVid & AstrosMZ*

Game 4 and 5 had their results nullified due to an  issue preventing teams from joining.

Stompy and his squad, who were in first place, got into the first fight of the match and it was far from clean. A third-party team took them out and sent them back to the lobby, opening up the standings for everyone else.

During the chaos of end-game, we saw Raifla, SaeVid and AstrosMZ manage to stay alive, take height, then give it up when it got too spicy for them.

They played most of the match from mid-ground before committing to ultimate low when the zone got to its final stage.

In the end, it was the two Chug Cannons that took the victory as the remaining members of the trio healed themselves and survived for the win.

Game 3: MrSavage, Refsgaard, Endretta

MrSavage and crew had a tough first two games, and it looked like Game 3 would go the same way.

After an early fight that saw Savage trade a knock, the team recovered and found height towards the late game.

In typical EU fashion, high-ground controlled the battle as the storm moved over Stealthy Stronghold. Savage and crew held and took the win.

After three games, Pinquk, Nebs, and Stompy are sitting comfortably in first place off the a win, 21 elims, and their Game 2 VR.

Game 2: pinquk, Nebs & Stompy

We saw a huge shake-up in Game 2 as many of the top placers died early game – another reason why contested POIs can be so dangerous.

After a short battle for height Stompy’s trio secured it and dominated end-game before diving on the survivors and securing the win. 

Game 1: Hudini, Aqua & NoahReyli

Going into the late-game, fan-favorite trio of benjyfishy, Shadow, and Joe had high-ground and a fantastic position to win.

Unfortunately for the trio, there’s plenty of retake items this season. The trio was forced to mid-ground and died as the reigning champs of Queasy, TruleX and Jur3ky took height from them.

In a flash, Aqua and his trio wiped out the former champs and pushed them off of high-ground. From there, all they needed to do was clean up the lobby.

10 kills and the victory for the squad.

Final positions going into Day 2

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