Credit: Epic Games

Save the boys!

Fortnite Season 3 event has us saving the last two henchmen on the island

We’re still exploring Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, with new details coming to light every hour.

Fortnite has hosted a few community events in the past. Digging mines in Chapter 1, community votes, etc.

This season, we have another quest as a community: to free the trapped Henchmen beneath a pile of rubble.

For those who don’t know, these two Henchmen, one Shadow and one Ghost, have been exploring the map since the war ended in Chapter 2.

They’ve become friends and a staple of the local community. Now, it’s our time to save them from their stone prison.

Oh, and you can just break the whole 5,000,000,000,000 HP wall with a Cow Catcher.