Credit: Epic Games

Sucks to suck

Fortnite players upset by not gaining enough chips for the Omi rewards

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is nearly over, which means there’s only a week left to unlock all of the possible rewards for the season.

The Omi pickaxe  is one of the better customizable options we’ve seen in a while, so players are eager to unlock all of the possible options.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to unlock all of the rewards with Omi Chips alone. You would need to have completed the limited-time weekly challenges to max everything out.

This has led to player frustration when they realize that, despite collecting all of the Omi chips on the island, they still need more to complete the pickaxe.

I’ve gotten a few reports over the past week in regards to not having enough quests in order to unlock all the Omni Chip rewards, if you have experienced a similar issue or know a solution, feel free to reply below about it!

Sucks to suck.

Shoulda completed all of the challenges, noob. #LBOZO
Excuse me while I flex my maxed-out pickaxe on you fools.