Fortnite players take aim at Raptors, who are annoying and add nothing to the game

The Fortnite community is no stranger to memes and copypastas. Most longtime players remember the "Season X is here" copypasta that you can still see posted on social media to this day.

Nowadays, the meme revolves around Raptors, which everyone can agree are annoying and add nothing to the game.

The meme is just that. Raptors are the most tanky and most aggressive wildlife on the map. They tank bullets, don't drop loot, and only add to the annoyance experienced by players.

Want to get some free karma on the r/FortniteBR subreddit? All you need to do is get a clip of Raptors ruining your game. It shouldn't be too hard. They have a tendency to do so.

Raptors are only the latest of the annoying NPCs and environmental attackers added to Fortnite. We're longing for the day where we don't have anything resembling Marauders, Raptors, IO Guards, etc. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like we're anywhere near that reality.