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Parents just don't understand

Fortnite player gets his setup smashed by his dad mid-FNCS

  • Fortnite pro, Remedy, posted a Twitter video of his destroyed setup.
  • According to the tweet, his dad smashed his gear during the FNCS.
  • META PCs has stepped in to replace the computer.

Gamers vs parents – a tale as old as time. In this round, we have a pro player competing to qualify for the Fortnite FNCS, who had their entire setup smashed by their dad on tournament day.

Remedy, the Fortnite competitor, posted a short video to Twitter, showcasing the destruction of his setup.

According to the post, he earned the money to buy the gear. “The worst part is I paid [sp] for it all. My dad didn’t pitch in a penny,” Remedy wrote.

There’s a silver lining to the story. Zack Shutt, CEO of META PCs, responded and told Remedy that his company would cover a new computer for him.

The official account responded, telling Remedy, “And if your Dad smashes this one, we’re smashing your Dad.”

It’s a good turnaround to a sad story, but it won’t fix the root problem.

These dang parents just don’t get what it is to be a sigma pro all about that grind. These 90’s aren’t gonna crank themselves.

Jaxon's Take

I have a hard time believing that this kid's dad didn't chip in for his setup - but if he truly didn't then this is a step too far. Just unplug the WiFi, fam.

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