Fortnite leaks we still haven’t seen in the game

Fortnite is one of the most leak-friendly games out there - at least, from a community perspective.

Most of the time, the leakers will leak cool new skins and items to generate hype, while straying away from some of the biggest spoilers with events and new seasons.

Ahead, we'll cover a rotating list of leaked items that have yet to come to Fortnite. As more patches release, we'll make sure to update the list to keep it accurate.

Epic Games


C4 was one of the much-loved and much-hated items in Fortnite. 

Initially, the blast radius was too low to do much with C4. Eventually, players learned how to stack C4 for an insta-kill to anyone who was boxed-up.

This led to Epic removing the item, but it's poised to make a comeback as a specialized item in Chapter 3.

According to leaks, the new C4 will deal extra damage to vehicles while retaining its post-nerf build and player damage profiles.

Skin improvements

Epic are also working on specific sounds for worn items in-game.

Eventually, skins with different footwear will be distinguishable based on their footsteps. 

Is this the first step towards mixing and matching skin assets? It could be. Either way, this one seems like the furthest off of the group.

Treasure Maps

Along with C4, Treasure Maps are set to make a return to Chapter 3.

Almost everyone loved Treasure Maps, but Epic added too many new looting mechanics to Chapter 2.

Now, in Chapter 3, Epic have dialed-back on the crafting and collecting, opening the door to a potential return to Treasure Maps in the near future.

"Water Device" in Creative

Creative builders will be able to take their Islands to the next level with an upcoming Water Device.

No exact word on what this thing does, but it's probably safe to assume that it has something to do with water - I know, shocker.

We're on the cusp of another patch, so this list will likely change. 

Regardless, here are some things you can expect to see in the next Fortnite update. We'll be keeping this up to date with new additions as more leaks come out.