Fortnite is returning to form in more ways than one

After the end of Chapter 1, Fortnite experienced a heavy decline from its initial peak. The first couple of seasons of the new chapter were long and stale as a lot of players, content creators, and pro players left the game.

When you combine this dry period with the increasing skill gap of high-level players, a lot of casuals felt like the game was in a rough state.

Epic made some massive improvements to Chapter 2 after the first two seasons. Map changes, new items, new mechanics, and huge crossovers helped to sustain the player base, but the game never captured the excitement it had in Chapter 1.


Chapter 3 changed everything

Chapter 3 released to lukewarm excitement. Fans were pleased to be getting a new map, but expected something more like the long and stale Chapter 2 beginning rather than the fast-paced release schedule of Chapter 1.

Fast forward to today. Tilted is back, mobility is at an all-time high, we have massive dinosaurs that everyone loves, healing items are more available than ever, crafting is a thing of the past, we have new mobility mechanics with more coming in the future - the list goes on and on.

Fortnite is in the best position it has been since Chapter 1 ended - and the community knows it. Yesterday, DrDisrespect, TimTheTatMan, and CourageJD played Fortnite together. In 2022!

Even the skill gap has lowered - whether or not you think that's a good thing.

Sure, talented players don't like getting Stinger SMGed through their builds or MKed across the map, but newer or returning players have more of a shot at winning a game now than they have in years.

Now, we seem to be getting weekly updates like we did in Chapter 1. Everything is returning to form for Fortnite. The game is heading in the right direction, and you truly love to see it.