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Fortnite has zero balls for adding a Zero Build mode right away

It’s official: Fortnite Zero Build mode has entered the game to replace the No Build standard mode that leaves.

Now, cracked 13-year-olds can still hone their skills in pubs while the rest of us old heads enjoy the game in the no building mode.

When I say that Fortnite has no balls, I don’t mean that they made the wrong decision. This is unequivocally the move for them.

I just think they could have done it on their own terms, rather than bending to the will of the masses.

Epic Games

The decision to remove building to start Chapter 3 was a controversial one, but it paid off.

Thousands of streamers and even more players returned to the game for the first time in years. I may have already logged more hours, this season, than in Season 1. It’s a lot of fun.

At the same time, it seemed like Epic’s plan was to bring building back and hold the Zero Build mode for later.

It was the right decision to release it now. If they hadn’t, the returning players would have left and some of them would have been lost for good – regardless of whether or not the mode came back.

Do I think Epic should have stuck to their original plan? No, but I can still make fun of them for it.

Balancing Zero Build

I was shocked at how balanced the original No-Build mode felt. It seems like the new mobility mechanics and overshield perfectly fit a Fortnite meta that doesn’t allow building.

Even the hit-scan weapons lend themselves to Fortnite with no building.

One thing doesn’t however: Tanks. Right now, tanks are single-handedly ruining the Zero Build Fortnite mode.

I don’t think these should be in the mode at all. If they stay, they need a hard counter – outside of C4, which no one carries.

Hopefully, the rumors are true and the unvaulted Heavy Sniper deals twice as much damage to vehicles.

If not, be prepared for more complaining from yours truly.

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