Fortnite Kevin Dark Bomber E1626455372789

Ever since he appeared on the map in Chapter 1, Kevin has been the focal point of the overarching Fortnite storyline.

As the seasons pass, we continue to learn more about the nature of the island. The 4D purple cube, however, remains one of the biggest mysteries in all of Fortnite.

Everyone expects to see Kevin return to the game in Chapter 2. According to some strings of text in the game files, we could see him as soon as Season 8.

Epic Games

Data miner, Mang0e, found some files called “Purple Glow” in a folder called “Blockout.”

As he wrote on Twitter, this folder is used for POI changes, and “Purple Glow” could relate to Kevin’s return.

If true, these files give more credibility to some “insider” leaks we saw earlier in Season 7 about what’s to come.

Thankfully, we only have three more days until the Season-ending event.

Keep your eyes on the sky during the event. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kevin make his reentrance.

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