Fortnite Fracture Chapter 3 Finale event
Credit: Epic Games


“Fracture” Chapter 3 finale set to be Fortnite’s craziest live event yet

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Finale is shaping up to be quite the spectacle. Judging by its runtime, Fracture could be the most elaborate live event we’ve seen so far!

Epic shocked fans watching the $1M FNCS Invitational in Raleigh when they announced the end of Fortnite Chapter 3. But before we launch into a brand new map, players will experience the “Fracture” in-game event.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Fortnite Fracture Chapter 3 Finale event

Fortnite Chapter 3 Finale event details

Fracture kicks off at 4 PM ET on Saturday, December 3. It’s a one-time-only event, so be sure to clear your schedule if you don’t want to miss out.

The playlist goes live 30 minutes before the start time, so you can get in the lobby early and chill. However, unlike previous events, you will also be able to join in progress up until 4:40 PM ET.

There is a maximum party size of four people. If you don’t have a Squad, Emote with other players to recruit them to your team.

Can’t make it? Don’t worry, a bunch of top creators will be streaming the Chapter 3 Finale and uploading videos to YouTube.

Fortnite storyline draws to a close

Why is Fracture such a big deal?

As mentioned above, you can join Fracture in progress until 4:40 PM ET. This suggests that the event will last at least 40 minutes, way longer than the usual 15-20 minute episodes.

It will be an interactive experience – with this extended runtime, it could almost feel like playing a campaign mission or watching a mini Fortnite movie.

Chapters 1-3 all existed around the same central storyline, which many fans feel is drawing to a natural close. Therefore, Fracture may set us up for something completely different, introducing new characters, planets, and realities!

Whatever happens, you can almost guarantee we’re in for a treat. Epic doesn’t miss with these live events, and with so much weighing on the success of Chapter 4, they’ll be going all out.