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Best Fortnite edit courses to warm up with

Use these top Fortnite edit courses to get your hands warmed up and ready for action.

Editing is one of the most essential skills to master in Fortnite. Being able to do it fast, consistently, and without making mistakes will see you winning way more fights, and surviving in high-pressure situations.

Try using one of the Fortnite edit courses below for at least 10-15 minutes before you jump into a real match. Do this every time you log on.

Not only will you notice an improvement with your edits, you’ll start playing better overall every session.

Best Fortnite edit course for beginners

easy Fortnite edit course

FLEA’S EDITING DICTIONARY by Flea: 7301-0487-6832

This map covers almost every single edit you can think of! It’s perfect for going through at your own speed and getting that basic muscle memory down.

All in one warm-up map

Fortnite warm-up map

CANDOOK’S ULTIMATE WARM UP by CanDook: 2338-7889-8904

Looking for more than just an edit course? CanDook’s Ultimate Warm Up covers everything from editing to aiming, with an updated loot pool for Chapter 3.

Fortnite edit course for piece control

Raider's Fortnite edit course

MECHANICS TRAINING MAP V3! by Raider464: 6464-0829-5975

This is probably my favorite one on the list. There are so many ways to practice, and it’s super realistic as you need to place the builds yourself before editing.

Edit race against friends

raider464's edit race map

RAIDER’S 8 LEVEL 1V1 EDIT RACE! by Raider464: 2545-7254-2992

Raider’s back again, this time with an edit race. Spice up your edit training by challenging a friend to see who can complete this tricky map first.

Boost reaction time with this Fortnite edit course

Reaction time training map Fortnite

Reaction Time Training Map by Sly-Jack: 8562-6336-2360

Get the hang of resetting edits before an enemy shoots, with some very difficult bot scenarios. Probably the most unique Fortnite edit course I’ve seen!

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