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In the mood for a challenge? We’ve put together a list of five Fortnite deathrun maps you NEED to try today!

If you fancy a change from the standard Battle Royale mode, Fortnite deathruns are a great choice. Test your parkour skills, movement, and patience as you speed through obstacles and avoid traps.

It’s easy to get started. Just go to the game mode select screen, hit the Island Code tab at the top, and type in one of the Creative map codes below.

Easy Fortnite deathrun

Easy Fortnite deathrun

50 LEVEL VERY EASY RAINBOW DEATHRUN by czdam: 8464-7587-6357

This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to get too sweaty. Czdam’s simple Fortnite deathrun features 50 levels of basic parkour surrounded by bright colors and good vibes.

Hardest Fortnite deathrun

Hardest Fortnite deathrun

21 SKYLINE RUN by Jallidus: 3759-6687-0977

Keep your eyes out for fire and spikes as you navigate this city skyline. Warning – there are some impossible Impulse Grenade sections that will make you lose your mind!

Don’t get burned

Lava deathrun fortnite

100 LEVEL DEFAULT DEATHRUN | LAVA! by JDuth96: 4189-6678-6229

JDuth96’s 100 Level Default Deathrun is the classic Fortnite deathrun experience. Grab some friends or go it alone, just please don’t step in the lava. Oh, and there’s an epic boss fight at the end…

Mix it up

Fortnite dropper map

DEFAULT DROPPER + DEATHRUN by Accurxte: 4392-6608-9942

On top of the usual deathrun levels, this map has 7 droppers. Weave your way through a series of obstacles as you fall from the sky – if you touch anything, it’s back to the start.

Underwater Fortnite deathrun

Underwater Fortnite deathrun

333 LEVEL AQUA DEATHRUN by FHSupport: 6441-2749-0646

Rounding out the list is my personal favorite deathrun map.

Complete over 300 increasingly difficult levels from within an aquarium.

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