Credit: Wu Tang Clan

Fortnite continues to blow my mind: Wu-Tang Clan skins leaked

What do Ariana Grande and Ol’ Dirty Bastard have in common? According to some recent leaks, Fortnite.

That’s right, the Killa Beez could be swarming Fortnite as the next Icon Skin additions – at least, according to some online data miners.

All we know, for sure, is that a “very influential” rap collective well be joining Fortnite.

It was Fercho_UwU that took things a step further, asserting – in Spanish – that the rap group was Wu-Tang Clan.

iFireMonkey blasted it out to his followers and added some additional context about what the cosmetics will include.

As a fan of Wu-Tang, these back bling and pickaxes don’t ring a bell. A “painting related” pickaxe and a skin that has a hat? Not much to go on there.

Wu-Tang are iconic, but not very relevant. I don’t think many Fortnite fans are blasting Wu-Tang.

What are they plugging? Their tour? To Fortnite kids? I don’t know.

Maybe, it’s just a passion project for Donny M and the boys. Maybe, enough 30-year olds still play Fortnite. I mean, I’m buying all of these skins if they come.

Whatever the reason, I’m in for it and will be extremely disappointed if this is all incorrect.

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