Fortnite continues to beat Among Us at their own game

Ever since Fortnite introduced Creative Mode, they opened the door for unlimited possibilities within the framework of their game.

Now, years later, some players strictly stick to Creative Mode games over the base BR, which is something Epic love to see.

The future of Fortnite isn't necessarily in BR. It's in the Creative Mode offshoots that come later.

Some even speculate that we'll be getting brand-new titles out of existing Fortnite Creative Modes, which isn't much of a stretch.

Epic Games

Fortnite Among Us

One of the more recent additions to Creative Mode is the Among Us inspired "Imposter" mode.

Epic Games took the concept, expanded upon it, brought it to their game, and continues to make improvements.

We might not be there right now, but you can see a world where Fortnite Imposter is better and more expansive than base Among Us.

Epic have already added some interesting tweaks to the game, and continue to make adjustments that the Among Us can't.

Obviously, Epic have a bigger team and more resources than the developers who work on Among Us. They also don't need to worry about waning interest in the mode, since it's only an offshoot of the base game.

After a crude entry into the space, Imposter is a lot of fun. It's complete, intricate, and comprehensive.

Fortnite also has voice communication, which Among Us is still lacking if you don't use Discord or third-party mods. It continues to have a leg up on Among Us, and that doesn't look like it will change anytime soon.

More and more, it seems like we're in a situation where if you and your friends want to revisit the Among Us fun, you'd be better of doing so in Fortnite.