Challenges have been a part of Fortnite ever since the first Battle Pass entered the game.

Back then, it was simple stuff like eliminating players with certain weapons or in certain locations.

Fast forward a few seasons, and players were searching for secret Battle Stars in the depths of weeping woods.

Epic Games

Challenges were fun back then. I remember logging on every Tuesday, giddy to see what Epic Games had in store for me this week.

Would I be able to grind them all out in one play session or would I need a few friends to help me?

How many Battle Pass tiers would these challenges get me? Enough to get that skin or emote I was eyeing?

Epic Games

These days, that feeling has completely left. For me, this started in Chapter 1 Season 9 with the Fortbytes.

Even as someone who covered Fortnite for a living at that point, I wasn’t searching the map every week for those fuckers.

Things got a bit better after that, but challenges lost their luster. I have so many skins that I don’t care if I unlock all of them.

Eventually, this feeling culminated in Chapter 2 Season 6: the very first Fortnite Battle Pass I didn’t finish.

Epic Games

The sad part is that the thing I originally liked about challenges, I now hate.

I used to like going to that obscure part of the map and being one of the first players to max-out the Battle Pass without paying.

Now, I just want to play. I don’t want to do all of this extra stuff.

Epic Games

Some of the challenges revolve around gameplay, but most of them require you to go on wild goose chases – especially if you want to unlock a specific cosmetic item for a skin.

It could just be me, but I’m over the weekly Fortnite challenges.

If it weren’t for Rick Sanchez and Superman, Season 7 would have been the first Fortnite Battle Pass I didn’t buy.

Is it just me, or have you lost the motivation it takes to complete your fortnite challenges? Let us know on Twitter @JaxonMVP.

Jimmy Russo is a writer and editor for covering a variety of games and topics. He specializes in first-person shooters including Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Valorant, while also covering livestreaming news on Twitch and other aspects of the gaming industry.