Credit: Photo: DreamHack

  • Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas 🏆
  • Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski 🏆
  • Pawel “Byali” Bielinski 🏆
  • Filip “NEO” Kubski 🏆
  • Jaroslaw “pashabiceps” Jarzabkowski 🏆

Despite being a Russian organization and mostly fielding CIS teams throughout their history,’s only Major success came thanks to a Polish lineup. In front of a roaring home crowd, they beat NIP to lift the EMS One Katowice trophy in 2014. returned to their roots by signing the Avangar roster in 2019. The roster will start the upcoming PGL Major as a Legend.

Photo: ESL

The Major winning lineup, which is sometimes (wrongfully) dubbed the “Golden Five”, had been playing together since the launch of CS:GO, with some of the members even competing together in CS 1.6. They joined in 2014 and would play together without any roster moves until the start of 2018. 

The first player to be removed was TaZ, as he left for Kinguin after spending two months on the bench. TaZ has been playing on smaller rosters, bringing up the next generation of Polish talents. He’s currently reunited with NEO on HONORIS. NEO left at the end of 2018, joining FaZe on a temporary deal soon after before joining ARCY and later HONORIS.

Byali was benched in the summer of 2018, spending two months on the side before being reinstated in the starting lineup. He played on until well into 2019, before being removed again. He spent a short stint with Avez before landing on Izako Boars in the summer of 2021.

Photo: ESL

The legendary AWPer of the team, pashabiceps, was the final player to be removed from the lineup. The organization temporarily ceased competing in the game, before reinstating a Polish roster without pasha a couple of months later. Pasha unsuccessfully trialed for AGO before joining Team Liquid as a streamer.

After being removed, Snax tried his luck with mousesports. Despite winning ESL One New York 2018, he was removed from the team after just a couple of months. He returned to when the team tried to rebuild their roster. He spend another year on the lineup but was left without a home when VP dropped their Polish roster in favor of the Avangar team. Snax currently plays for Anonymo.