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For the love of God, please host more invitational Fortnite tournaments

Competitive Fortnite has come a long way from the early days, and was the first BR to have a true esports scene.

Over time, Epic opened the door to more and more up-and-coming pros through Cash Cups and the FNCS series.

These open tournaments are great, but they have one massive problem: the top streamers are hardly ever involved.

Epic Games

My take, here, is not that Epic should cancel the FNCS in favor of invitational tournaments. The FNCS should stay the FNCS.

As someone who watches most of the competitive Fortnite events in the year, the most entertaining ones have one thing in common: they're invitational.

The Streamer Bowl is a perfect example of this. Is it the most competitive event of the year? Far from it. But where else are you gonna see NICKMERCS dump on Clix?

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I started this blog with a Tweet from Ninja, asking his fans if and Sypher should return to competitive Fortnite.

The thing is, they'd probably never be able to qualify for the main event. Plenty of top-tier pros miss every season. What's the chance that two pub-stomping content creators would make it?

We need a format where people like Ninja, Sypher, Nick Eh 30, Nate Hill, and others to test themselves against the best.

Please, Epic - or Blast - make it happen.