Congrats PlayStation players. You’ll soon have access to Football Manager on the PS5.

Sports Interactive has announced Football Manager 2023 Console Edition.

The new version of the game will see the popular franchise release on Playstation 5, the first time it has been released upon a Sony platform.

It has previously been available on Xbox with the Football Manager Xbox Edition and Xbox game pass. Now, Football Manager hits PS5 for the first time.

FM23 Console lets you experience the thrill of being a real football manager from the comfort of your sofa, turning wonderkids into world-class talents and winning the biggest prizes football has to offer. 

Sports Interactive

We don’t yet know what to expect from the Console Edition, but it will likely be very similar to the pre-existing Xbox Edition.

The Xbox Edition is a slightly streamlined version of the full game. Sports Interactive rates it as the second heaviest game in terms of game detail, while it is also the second fastest in terms of season progression speed. PC unsurprisingly beats it when it comes to game detail, and FM Mobile features faster season speed.

The game detail size comes into play when considering the number of playable leagues you can load, as well as the number of loadable players. On PC, this is unlimited. However, on Xbox Edition, playable leagues are limited to 10 and loadable players are limited to 50,000.

There is also no pre-game editor or in-game editor for the Xbox Edition.

Football Manager on PS5 is a huge step for the franchise, and will undoubtedly lead to more players getting hands on the best sports management sim on the market.

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