The Fortnite FNCS Grand Royale is set to kick off soon, with $5 million up for grabs across seven regions.

This tournament is a bit different than past events, as it may be the tournament that puts the cap on 2021 and maybe even Chapter 2.

Here are all of the details you need to know.

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This will be a trios competition, as expected. The FNCS has been standardized as trios for a while, now.

Unlike some of the other tournaments, the Grand Royale will feature a Load Session, Reload Paths, and a Victory Path before the Grand Finals.

This graphic from Epic explains the format well enough. The top 33 teams will make it to the first Victory Path, which will take 8 game winners to the finals.

The rest of the teams will need to continue to play in Victory Path games until they qualify. Those who missed the first qualification can play into the Victory Path from three Reload Paths.

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After all is said and done, the teams with the most consistency points will fill out the finals.

This way, there will be more private matches ahead of the Finals rather than only open qualifiers.

The point system is the same as it was in previous FNCS competitions, with a twist. In the second day of Finals, points will double across the board.


The Grand Royale will begin on November 12 with the Load Session, and will continue until the weekend of November 20-21.

This weekend will feature the Finals, where the top 33 teams will face off for their share of the prize money.

You’ll be able to watch the official broadcast on Fortnite’s Twitch and YouTube pages. There’s no word on whether or not Twitch Drops will be enabled for the event.

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Prize money

The $5 million in prize money will be split up as follows:

  • EU: $2,250,300
  • NAE: $1,055,250
  • BR: $699,300
  • NAW: $398,850
  • Asia: $248,400
  • ME: $198,400
  • OCE: $151,800

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