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Fnatic poizon puts up 63 kills to takedown G2: ESL Pro League Day 3

On day three of ESL Pro League, a lackluster Fnatic demolished G2. Additiaonyll, NIP has essentially clinched a spot in the playoffs. NIP needs to take down either a winless LFO or a G2 without Aleksib to secure their spot.

Fnatic and poizon beat down G2

While not many expected Fnatic to put up much of a fight due to the lack of Krimz and Brollan, poizon put on a show to hopefully help Fnatic win. Over the thirty rounds of map one, poizon posted 36 kills – double the kills of anyone else on his team. G2 was the better team, unfortunately, and narrowly won map one 16-14.

Map two was a whole different story. The poizon show continued, but this time, Alex supported him. The two combined for 50 kills and 8 deaths and both had double the kills of the rest of their team. G2 was unable to do anything against the two, and Fnatic won map two 16-2.

G2’s mental was ruined. In the first 12 rounds, Amanek had yet to even put up a kill. Despite some resistance from G2, Fnatic won the map and poizon finished the series with 63 kills.

NIP shutdown Mouz

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While Mouz showed some hopes yesterday after taking down G2 and negating NiKo, NIP wasn’t about to let that stop them. On map one, Mouz put up a fight but was very inconsistent in their performance every round. At the end of map one, three Mouz players had a 57.7 KAST ratio showing a lack of consistency. Despite Mouz bouncing back on Map two, NIP took map three easily.

Entropiq Breeze past LFO

LFO continues their losing streak at ESL Pro League with a loss over Entropiq. It seemed like every round that LFO put up was only due to sterling or Liki getting multiple kills to propel the team. Entropiq quickly 2-0’d LFO with a dominant performance put on by El1an as he posted 45 kills over the two maps.

Group A

Team W L
Ninjas in Pyjamas 3 0
Fnatic 2 1
Entropiq 2 1
MOUZ 1 2
G2 1 2
Looking For Org 0 3

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