fnatic have to win the LEC or EU is doomed internationally

If this team can't be good, nobody in EU will be.

Every other team has massive issues that will get abused by the top teams elsewhere - but fnatic are the one team who don't have any glaring weaknesses, and actually have a lane they can win the game through.

G2 almost always play through BrokenBlade, but I don't see him taking on top LPL or LCK tops and coming out more ahead than Flakked and Targamas are behind, for example.

Praise Hylissang Prayge

If there's one team that can possibly be good, it's fnatic. And we need them to be miles better than the rest of the LEC. If G2, or Rogue, or any of the other teams look close to fnatic, we've probably got an issue.

It won't really mean we have two or three teams capable of competing, because you can't convince me any of those teams will be strong enough. We need fnatic to be like 2018/19 G2 for me to have any hope at all.

The good news is; fnatic are the best team in Europe, and by some distance. Hylissang is quite clearly the best player in the league - only Vetheo is close - and Upset is equally dominant. Humanoid still has another gear to go into, and we know how Wunder can do internationally.

The only real question mark is Razork on the big stage - but he's a capable jungler and doesn't really need to be special.


Hylissang and Upset is a lane which can genuinely carry with some resources against the best teams in the world, and if they can't bring EU to some level of glory - and I mean that lightly, being better than LCS teams would be nice - then nobody in this league can.

Selling our best players to NA is eventually going to hurt, and this version of the LEC looks like one of the weakest in a while. Rogue's cheese ganks have got them top three - G2 have a dodgy botlane and they're up there. Misfits have won multiple games from like 10k down because the league is crap right now.

And Vitality are somehow top sixth after playing like that.

We need fnatic, or we're screwed.