Humanoid and Fnatic have seemingly gone AFK, according to Reddit in the LEC Summer Split Week 5
Credit: Michal Konkol/Riot Games

Missing Pings

Fnatic AFK in LEC Summer Week 5 & more Reddit reactions

Week 5 of the LEC Summer Season 2022 led to a greater discourse on some long-term trends that certain teams seem to exhibit. Much of the discourse was played out on the LEC subreddits, going from the insightful to the flat-out funny.

Is Fnatic AFK?

Let’s kickstart by looking at the reactions to Fnatic’s match against Excel esports. There was a lot of schadenfreude in the comments at Fnatic’s expense, as expected. 

Some viewers considered it the worst performance they’d ever seen from Fnatic. 

Fnatic now sits sixth in the standings, and fans are wondering if they ever missed out on the playoffs before. That’s how dour things are currently. “They might be mentally checked out” was the opinion of one viewer. 

Some Redditors just wanted to get their jokes in:

“This statement is false!” Team BDS, probably.

Team BDS seem to have this weird habit of only beating G2, who are one of strongest sides in the league after their loss to SK Gaming. Fans seem to have caught onto it now.

But jokes aside, there were serious concerns about what they plan on doing going forward 


Elsewhere, there was a lot of love for Nisqy of Mad Lions after their victory over SK gaming 

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