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First-person Fortnite could be closer than we think

  • First-person Fortnite has been rumored for a while, now.
  • Recent reports suggest it could be closer than ever.
  • At the earliest, we can expect the new mode to come in Season 4.

Fortnite continues to boost its popularity. Epic famously added a Zero Build mode, which brought a long list of players back to the game. Now, we’re looking forward to first-person Fortnite.

The mode has been rumored about for months – if not longer. According to recent reports, we could be closer to getting the new mode than we thought.

Date miner, Hypex, has reported that there have been multiple updates to first-person Fortnite – suggesting that it’s right around the corner.

It wouldn’t make sense to add something so game-changing in the middle of a season. Chapter 3 Season 4 seems like a good time to add it to Fortnite.

First-person Fortnite would, undoubtedly, bring even more players back to the game than Zero-Build – even inviting new players.

Somehow, Fortnite finds a way to stay relevant over the years. We can only imagine where they’ll go from here.

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