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Finally! Discord is now available on all Xbox consoles

Discord and Xbox announced that they’d be partnering up to bring enhanced voice chat to Xbox consoles back in July. Now, the day is finally here.

It’s no secret that Xbox has some of the lowest-quality voice chat in all of gaming – and it’s not exclusive to the console. It’s all Microsoft portals; as anyone who has used Teams can attest.

After years of development, Discord has found itself near the peak of the voice communication industry, with a platform that can’t easily be recreated.

Discord has become a haven for gamers, but it’s more than that. Almost every community on the internet has its own Discord server. It’s more than just voice chat, but it still does voice chat the best.

Discord and Xbox team up to bring better voice chat to console.

Now, PC and Xbox gamers can unite on Discord, and enjoy the high-quality audio, noise suppression, and other features that were once exclusive to the PC gaming master race.

You’ll need to complete a few steps before you’re ready to connect Discord and Xbox, however, as the Discord team outlined in their FAQs.

discord and xbox team up

For console players, the easiest way to link your Discord and Xbox accounts will be through your console’s portal.

  1. Navigate to “Parties & chat” and click “Try Discord Voice on Xbox”
  2. Scan the QR code with your mobile device
  3. Link the two apps together

If you use a PC, you can also link your Discord and Xbox accounts the same way you link other external services to Discord. In fact, you may have already done it.

  1. Press the cog wheel and navigate to User Settings > Connections
  2. Choose the Xbox icon and hit “continue”
  3. Log into your Xbox account from your browser

And you’re in!

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