FaZe has secured a spot in the Legends spot at the PGL Stockholm Major. The international roster kept a perfect record with a 2-0 win against Virtus.pro.

Mirage was a close affair, as FaZe couldn’t build on the strong start they had. VP let them run away to an 8-1 lead but managed to close the gap towards the end of the first half. The Russian even pulled ahead after switching sides and seemed set to close out their map pick.

That’s when twistzz woke up. The Canadian dragged FaZe across the finish line with some crucial entries, finishing the game at 16-14.

FaZe had picked the perfect second map to close out the series: Virtus.pro hadn’t won a single time on Ancient leading up to the Major. Twistzz had another stellar performance, leading his team to a 16-6 victory with a 1.90 HLTV rating.

CPHF complete the Cinderella story.

In the other qualification map of the day, Copenhagen Flames secured their spot in the Legends stage by winning the second Danish derby of the event. In a close back-and-forth against Heroic, the young Danes edged out the victory on Overpass.

CPHF fell behind 9-1 on the decider, but with an incredible second half from AWPer nicoodoz they completed the comeback.

Both FaZe and CPHF have secured a spot among the legends of the PGL Stockholm Major. Heroic and Virtus.pro have two more chances to make it, starting with their games tomorrow.

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