Faze Clan Sandbox
Credit: The SandboxGame Youtube Channel

Esports’ biggest export, FaZe Clan, is joining the Metaverse through “The Sandbox” in 2023. The Sandbox is one of the biggest Metaverse projects at the moment.

Today, FaZe Clan announced their partnership with “The Sandbox” through Twitter.

This partnership follows popular rapper and FaZe Clan member Snoop Dogg joining “The Sandbox” at the beginning of the year.

In the official announcement trailer, you can see a few of the games you will be able to play.

From the looks of it, they will largely consist of challenges between you and your friends. “The Sandbox” is one of the two biggest working Metaverses out at the moment, with Decentraland being the other one.

Sandbox has already been partnering with some of the biggest Brands in the world. Adidas, Atari, Samsung, and Square Enix just to name a few.

FaZe clan is now part of these acclaimed brands, arguably a second time as Snoop was repping FaZe in his own collaboration with Sandbox.

Leonel Lorenzana is a professional esports caster who also writes about top esports competitions, ranging from Valorant and Overwatch to Apex Legends. He also covers general gaming industry news for jaxon.gg.