Credit: Photo: ESL

FaZe Clan has done the unthinkable, eliminating Gambit in the quarterfinals of IEM Cologne. The star-studded roster won in three maps.

FaZe opted into Ancient as the opening map but was close to losing it after the first half. Gambit ran away with the CT-side, showing just why they are considered the best team in the world. 11-4 down, karrigan had to pull something impressive out of his hat to keep FaZe in the series. And he did just that.

With rain, broky, and twistzz performing as if their lives depended on a victory, FaZe clawed their way back into the game, eventually overcoming Gambit with 16-13.

FaZe were once again put with their backs against the wall on Overpass, as Gambit reached map point with a 15-11 lead. While everyone was preparing for a third map, FaZe pulled off the comeback, locking in overtime.

While Gambit’s Overpass proved too strong in OT, FaZe smelled blood in the water. This Gambit wasn’t the undefeatable monster they have been in the past few months. This was most apparent with hobbit’s performance, as the experienced player had a particularly rough series on the terrorist side.

With broky leading the way, FaZe dominated on Inferno, winning the map in 16-9 fashion.

Up next: Natus Vincere

With the scalp of the best team in the world secured, FaZe will now face arguably the best player in the world. The next hurdle in the cinderella story of FaZe Clan winning the first LAN event in over 500 days is Natus Vincere, with star AWPer s1mple having one of the best tournaments of his career.

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