Forget history. Forget the rest of 2021. Forget what your head says.

Go with your heart.

olofmeister in Sweden. First Major in two years. A mini-miracle run to qualify even after a horrendous choke. FaZe are hitting some form at the right time, and it might be time to finally enact revenge on everyone for laughing at them for Boston.

You won’t be laughing for much longer.

FaZe’s time has come

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve heard it all before. It’s s1mple’s time now, CIS is taking over, all that jazz. Majors are made for magic moments, and FaZe finishing what they started, with olofmeister closing it out in Sweden would be just that.

But it’s not just heart; a lot of the big teams are in mini-crises. Astralis are obvious, and so are Heroic; G2 are a complete question mark, NiP are still more inconsistent than Tottenham Hotspur, mouz have firepower issues and BIG are merely a gate-keeper for the top 10. 

Vitality are the only EU team you can confidently suggest will make it to the semi-finals, but FaZe’s form at IEM Fall, in the BO3s, has me believing.

I shall refrain from making a small parts joke. 

It’s easy to forget how much talent this roster possesses. Twistzz was considered a potential top 5-10 player at one point, and so was rain – albeit longer ago. olofmeister is a GOAT candidate, and broky is one of the most intelligent and composed youngsters we’ve ever seen.

Led by karrigan, a great IGL with something to prove, and this is the hungriest, most dangerous wounded animal you’ve ever seen.

FaZe obliterated OG, and if it weren’t for a horrible choke on Inferno, the scoreline would have represented how one-sided most of that series was. BIG were dealt a similar fate, and these are not terrible teams that FaZe are battering.

Yeah, NaVi is the obvious answer for the Major trophy, but it only takes two maps to drop out of contention. NaVi have always been prone to slipping on banana skins, and the pressure is on s1mple to really prove himself.

Gambit won’t be used to the pressure of a crowd, and Vitality have apEX as their leader. If you don’t think karrigan is a better leader than him, well… I have a sea-front property in Warsaw to sell you. Good price, too!

“Ohhh… oh it’s happened!”

Sorry FaZe fans, I had to do it x

Don’t be fooled; FaZe are a contender in Stockholm.  Just… don’t choke this time and make me look silly, lads. 

Not that I ever would look silly, obviously.