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Fans upset that Halo Infinite prequel will be a novel – not a DLC

  • A new Halo story is launching later this month in the form of a novel.
  • Not many are pleased that a book is being released instead of it being a DLC expansion.

Halo Infinite has had a rough road since its launch late last year.

The multiplayer launched as free-to-play just to receive little support. Since November, the game is only on its second full season of content.

Not to mention big streamer and battle royale fanatic, Nickmercs had some choice words for developer 343 Industries.

The co-op campaign mode just dropped, and the beloved Forge Mode is set to arrive almost a year after Infinite released.

A new story is set to launch in a week, yet it’s not coming to Halo Infinite. It’s coming to a bookstore near you.

Halo: The Rubicon Protocol standalone novel launches August 9

Halo: The Rubicon Protocol is a new Halo novel by author Kelly Gay. Gay has written plenty of Halo novels that have gotten a ton of praise.

The Rubicon Protocol explains what happens to the Spartans on Zeta Halo and goes further into the Banished invasion before Master Chief was revived. All of this takes place six months before the events of Halo Infinite.

While this is great, not many fans are pleased. To be fair, their lack of pleasure is justified.

The most obvious reason for their displeasure is that this is a novel. Halo Infinite is devoid of content, and this would’ve been an awesome DLC expansion.

It also doesn’t help that the tweet announcement reads like it was DLC.

This isn’t the first time Halo literature has upset fans.

Time will tell if Halo literature will continue to make more gamers upset.

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