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FalleN qualifies for home soil IEM Rio CSGO Major

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo has grabbed the final straw to qualify for his home Major, IEM Rio. Imperial beat Complexity in the Americas RMR to secure the final spot at the upcoming CSGO Major.

One of the revelations of the PGL Antwerp Major, Imperial, struggled to make it to the event this time around. The Brazilian roster was pushed with their backs against the wall following losses to 9z and 00 Nation in what was dubbed ‘the last derby.’

But FalleN and his men clawed their way back to a spot at IEM Rio. Wins against fellow Brazilians paiN and NA underdogs Nouns put them in a tiebreaker against Complexity.

In the final series of the Americas RMR, Imperial relied on a monstrous performance from the latest addition to the roster, Marcelo “chelo” Cespedes, on Overpass. The decided map was a spectacle in itself, as we needed double overtime to determine a winner.

The Last Dance became the 24th participant at the Major. IEM Rio will kick off on October 31st, with the grand final being held on November 13th.

A last ride for FalleN at IEM Rio

The upcoming Major on home soil will most likely be one of the last ones for the Brazilian legend. In a recent OG’s Monkey Bussiness podcast, the 31-year-old unveiled his plans for the future.

He plans to retire by the end of 2023 and move into a role as either a coach, content creator or teacher. The player has been very vocal about nearing the end of his career. This would mean that the upcoming IEM Rio Major should be one of FalleN’s final Majors as a player.

Whether we see FalleN play at a CSGO Major again after IEM Rio remains to be seen. But the godfather of Brazilian CS deserves a spot at his country’s first Major event.

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