Credit: Riot Games

Fade’s Spotify playlist is the most boring shit of all time

Fade looks to be another exciting addition to the Valorant lineup. Riot have been killing it with the fun-to-play agents of late, and Fade is only the most recent example.

Outside of the game, though, we're getting a little cringe. Fade is clearly supposed to be cool and edgy. She's not the first and she won't be the last.

As such, the devs decided to release a Spotify playlist to accompany Fade.

Although I don't know a single song on the playlist, it's the most predictable sound of all time.


All of these songs sound like trailers for a movie or lobby music for an FPS - which checks out.

I listened to all of these. There's some bad and some decent - but they're all uninteresting. I find it hard to believe that the dev team listened to more than two or three of these before slapping them on the playlist.

Obviously, Riot doesn't care too much about making playlists for their agents - as they shouldn't. I'd rather that they focus on making a great game rather than making a banger playlist.

This is all to say that, if you were wondering whether or not to check out the playlist at the gym: don't. It's pretty bad.