Fade is a genius addition to the VALORANT roster – because she’s edgy

Ah, finally.

Riot have realised that all the 15 year old Katarina/Yasuo mains from League of Legends want to play the edgiest, cringiest Agents possible. It’s partially why everyone instalocks Duelists – they want to be the carry, the cool ninja with knives or the dark, brooding lady who goes invisible. 

Omen was their addition to the Controllers, if one of the Duelist lockers decides that maybe the team comp needs some smokes, and Chamber is the Sentinel for edgy main character guys.

Until now, though, there was no Initiator.

Finally, teenagers can have a full comp

While for some reason in solo queue, two duelists appears to be the meta, there are times when you’ll have three or four. 

Such is life.

Now we can have a full edgy, super-cool hypebeast team comp that at least is a full solo-queue meta comp. Fade, Reyna, Jett, Omen, Chamber. Everyone gets to be the main character of this game.

All (most) jokes aside, it does make it a lot easier for people to find an Initiator who is at least a little bit cool. Skye has an annoying voice, Sova is too much of a team player, and Breach requires too much co-ordination. You’re stuck playing the Initiator when you really wanted to play Jett, so now you can at least look cool.

After all, why else would you be playing VALORANT?

Look at her. No way she’s ever going to be open.

Even the names of the ability make me cringe. Nightfall? Haunt? Makes me want to throw up. Just add some of those Linkin Park lyric voicelines that Omen has and she’ll be right in instalock tier.

It’s no secret that VALORANT has a slightly younger player base than other FPS games, and as such, adding ‘cool’ characters in each class is a necessity. This one is absolutely genius from Riot, and they must be applauded.

It’s still not going to stop the Duelist locks, but it’s a good start. is a leading hub for all things esports and competitive gaming. From Counter-Strike to Valorant, from League of Legends to Dota 2, it's all covered, along with the community news that matters most to gamers.