Experts predict earthquakes and craters to devastate the Fortnite island

Epic Games took an extremely slow approach to Chapter 2 - intentionally dialing-back the content for a slower build.

Players got bored of this change pretty quickly, which led to an opposite approach to Chapter 3. Content is spilling in patch after patch, hotfix after hotfix.

After v19.30, data miners reported a disturbance in the island's tectonic plates. It looks like we're bracing for some good, old-fashioned natural disasters.

You know what this means. That Tiled building that kept getting destroyed in Chapter 1 probably isn't long for this season - despite the involvement of No Sweat Insurance.

Earthquakes are set to kick off all over the map; not just in Tilted.

We don't know when they'll hit - or in which order - but we know that they'll be leaving craters behind at some of the locations they hit.

Epic have been hammering the "weather effects" button this season, and I don't hate it so far.

Tornadoes are pretty fun. They don't do much to the player other than send them flying.

I could see earthquakes being incredibly annoying. I'm picturing Michael J Fox levels of camera shake. 

Hopefully, it isn't that bad - but we'll have to experience it to know.