Evil Geniuses SHOULD be kicked out of the Louvre Agreement

I hate this team.

Everything about it is phoned in; borne out of a toxic nostalgia for a bygone era, a doe-eyed belief that competition is just like Yu-Gi-Oh, that if you believe hard enough and you're good enough friends, then everything will work out.

At least FalleN had the foresight to call his team a Last Dance, and not pretend they were trying.

An embarrassment

EG spent a ton of money on a team that won a single map - that off of a team in the same region as them.

That roster included Grim - a player who Stewie clearly didn't rate or trust in his time at Liquid, despite being far better than any of the players on EG. Instead, Stewie tried to roll back the years and get the boys back together for one last job.

A lazy attempt to circumvent any concept of scouting, any modicum of team-building. Just pick up players you already know and trust. Uninventive, scared, hyper-conservative, pathetic.

It's that laziness that seeps through the whole team and sinks them, straight to the bottom of the group - and hopefully, out of the Louvre Agreement.

Their fate now rests in the hands of the other teams, who would be well within their rights to boot them out.

Why should this team, that exists purely to stink out events, to donate games to whoever qualifies for Pro League, who have made zero effort to build a cohesive, forward-thinking roster? Why should any team aiming to build an empire bow to the whims of a team still clawing at the remnants of a broken, burning civilisation?

Not so easy without ELiGE, is it Stew?

Should other organisations who are trying their best to win accept this failed attempt at mediocrity as anything more than that?

For ESL, and any other team that would want them in their events; this team weakens your tournament. They cheapen your product. They make people who actually enjoy the game tune out. Even the Americans have given up on them. Do the right thing.

Unless EG show the world that they actually care, they shouldn't be allowed back in. Sign some good players, ones with a future and not a past, and stop rejecting young NA talent to sign players who were once the talk of the town.

Complexity aren't great, but at least there's some life. The players are young, hungry and able to take maps off of teams from outside the US. EG are phoning it in, and karma is on its way.