A crazy game between EG and C9 ended in defeat for the new Cloud9 lineup – though they were without their new support, Zven.

Danny and Jojopyun were once again at the end of EG’s spear as they ripped through the Cloud9 lineup with Ezreal and Corki respectively, as they somehow overcame late game Senna/Viktor.

Dragon Soul and two Barons probably helped that.

A fiesta, but the good kind

It was a long game, and with that comes big plays and even bigger ints.


Fudge flashed over a wall to kill two on his Fiora, but he couldn’t stop k1ng from standing in Corki packages.


Eventually the Dragon Soul and third Baron were enough to drag EG over the line and the Ezreal was able to poke with impunity.

TSM were so far ahead against 100 Thieves that they got a kill on a dive where Jarvan ulted someone, flashed out, turned to fight again, missed E+Q and auto attacked.

They still lost.

Tactical did one of his signature giga-ints as he walked straight into the enemy team to die at a dragon fight, and from there 100T took over with their botlane who don’t regularly do that.

Kenvi got perfect gamed on his debut on the LCS stage by Team Liquid, which is a sort of rite of passage for any rookie.

It wasn’t entirely his fault; he was playing his first Taliyah stage game with Viktor/Gnar solo lanes, which is a really easy way to ensure your jungler cannot gank any lane and you will get obliterated by Team Liquid.

Which is what happened.


Golden Guardians bled out and died without ever really trying to change their fate as Toucouille danced on their faces with his Azir.

They might have had excellent scaling – but that’s useless if the enemy Azir has seven kills and you don’t ever attempt to contest anything, farm or kill anyone.

Josedeodo picked Udyr and went 0-0-8. That’s how that game went.

The final game of the day was Team Dignitas vs CLG. Need I say more?

In fairness, this one looked like it could be super fun. CLG picked Seraphine botlane and Yone top into Sejuani, making them already the most interesting team of the day, draft wise.

None of that really mattered when Palafox picked up a triple kill in the first ten minutes on Azir, and became an untouchable monster for the rest of the game, though.

Even if he bought Banshee’s Veil with it.

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