Evil Geniuses dump FlyQuest out of LCS playoffs

It might have taken one more map than a lot expected, but EG coasted to victory against FlyQuest.

A long second game went the way of FlyQuest despite an excellent Danny performance, but it was all EG from there on out.

As expected.

GP needs buffs btw

Game one was pure dominance from Jojo/Inspired in the mid/jungle, and the lead bled into the sidelanes. 

Jojopyun's lane prowess from regular season paid dividends as he set up the easiest Xin Zhao gank Inspired will ever get, without even using his flash.

Game two was a complete mess, with the longest game of the whole LCS split ending with a backdoor. It was never going to end, otherwise.

But though it might have seemed FQ were in the series (if you didn't watch the game, at least), they were completely gapped in game three by a low range, low mobility comp into Gangplank, who apparently needs buffs.

Impact was smashed - and even solokilled - in lane, but the zone control Gangplank/Viktor have made the game entirely unplayable for Orianna and Aphelios, with Volibear and Sion left to try and run through that to get ulted by Trundle.

Luckily for FlyQuest, EG had mercy and when FlyQuest picked the exact same topside in the next game but with a different support, EG didn't pick the Gangplank.

It didn't make any difference - Inspired on the Viego and Danny on the Jinx completely took over the teamfights and EG won it cleanly in game four.