Evil Geniuses made it back-to-back-to-back 3-0’s as they crushed NA LCS en route to the trophy.

They will be NA’s representative at MSI and will take on G2 – whose feat they echoed in the playoffs.

The best team in NA

Evil Geniuses are undoubtedly the best team in North America at the moment, and they did it on the back of two rookies.

Both Danny and Jojopyun were set up to succeed with elite players playing around them, and that was the platform they needed to thrive.

Danny went a combined 18-2-12 over the series, while Jojo’s 7-3-15 wasn’t quite as impressive – but still proved he was the better midlaner. After all, better KDA does equal better player.

A standard front-to-back teamfighting draft in game one led to a comfortable victory for EG once the Ornn and Jinx turned into the teamfight threats we expect.

Game two was super quick, with Impact picking up Mordekaiser and crushing Ornn – EG ended the game with the first Baron push, in 23 minutes.

We’ve seen a lot of reverse sweeps recently, but there was no danger of this – Danny sliced through 100T with ease to cap off one of the most impressive splits you’ll ever see from such a green player.

Congratulations, Evil Geniuses!

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