Everyone involved in the Heroic/HUNDEN drama is a halfwit

Can you lot please stop lying?

As if it wasn’t bad enough that HUNDEN cheated and then sent secrets to the team he was joining, as well as then snitching on his former teammates, Heroic had to jump in and up the ante.

Their horrifically misjudged statement had me tearing my… helmet out. It ends with ‘Stay tuned’ (no full stop – punctuation is for teams with a coach) as if they’re like, ready to announce something cool in the future. Stay tuned for more pics of my puppy! Stay tuned for the full game! Not, stay tuned for more on this case where we sue our former coach and try not to look like idiots at the same time.


But more importantly, why on my green Earth do you include the phrase ‘we… do not support cheaters’?

A blatant, open lie to the public, to ESIC, and to yourselves. Unless you’re going to do a gotcha moment and say “well we actually only supported one cheater so ackshually we’re right!”, in which case you’re an even bigger bunch of f*cking idiots.

You re-hired the guy who cheated in the first place, put it on billboards and absorbed all the hate, and now you’re reaping what you’ve sown. You’ve bragged about snagging another girl’s man and now he’s cheated on you and you’re acting all ‘shocked Pikachu face’. You can’t brag about staring at the sun and complain when it burns your poor little eyes out.

The cheater cheated on me?

Supposedly Heroic had the players sign an NDA to not talk about the coach bug, which is a pretty glaring admission if true. It might be entirely untrue, and I certainly wouldn’t believe any words that fall out of HUNDEN’s mouth, but you the players were keen on bringing back HUNDEN as well, so you’re hardly blameless even if you really did have no idea that your coach was cheating (lmao).

Here’s a tip – if you don’t want people to bring up your cheating in pro CSGO, don’t cheat or don’t play f*cking CSGO.