The Zero Build Mode is the best thing to happen to Fortnite in a long time. The game is as popular as ever, and it’s easy to see why.

There are a few glaring issues with Chapter 3 Season 2, however. The lack of building means that vehicles like the Tank can dominate and the returning Drum Shotgun is more OP than it ever has been in the past.

As Sypher put it during a recent stream, an opponent with a Drum Shotgun means that there’s a countdown on your life. If you don’t kill the player within a clip of the Drum Shotgun, you’re dead – from most ranges.

With building, you can spam ramps or walls until the opponent runs out of bullets. That’s not the case in Zero Build. In Zero Build, you just have to hope that your aim is top-notch (or carry a Drum, yourself).

It seems like more people are complaining about the Drum Shotgun now, because of the addition of the Ranger.

The Ranger Shotgun is far more fun and rewarding to use than the Drum. The former requires raw, mechanical skill, while the latter is spray-and-pray.

Unfortunately, using a Ranger Shotgun is discouraged in this meta. If you don’t chunk them for over 100 with one shot, the Drum is gonna get ya.

Fortnite is no stranger to overpowered and overused weapons. The Drum is far too strong, and we can only hope that Epic will nerf it before the FNCS Grand Finals.

Unfortunately, we’re pretty deep into the season. Our best hope might be the Season 3, but we can still complain about it.

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